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 24 X 7 NOC Services 

  • The SGS Network Operation Center is supported with 24/7 staff
  • Automated action plans to ensure appropriate response to alarms within your IT infrastructure.
  • We provide expert incident handling and reporting with a solution that supports your worldwide operations.

Device + Application Monitoring 

  • BackStage and Network Navigator solutions manage your environment to prevent unplanned work and disasters through proactive management and monitoring.
  • We support your entire environment, including servers, storage, infrastructure, environmentals, and applications. 


  • SGS security suite of services includes assessment services to review and testing of your environment for known threats, exploits, and risks.
  • Our managed firewall service provides a proactive solution to your perimeter defense that leverages hardware and software. 

NOC Environment 

  • Video and biometric security
  • Server racking for hosting/backup service supports all server requirements.
  • Outside power feeds and dual UPS systems backed by dual generators.
  • Redundant 30-ton HVAC units with humidity control 
  • High sensitivity smoke and heat detection system and a fire suppression system provide the safest work environment.



Secure Global Solutions’ greatest asset is the people. Operating in real time, 24 hours a day, the highly-trained professionals assure your systems are working properly and provide highly customized notifications. The Network Operations Center employees have been certified in a wide variety of IT disciplines, providing customers with experience and knowledge. Certifications include CISSP, Microsoft, Cisco, Symantec, Nortel, HP, IBM, and Linux. On average, individual staff experience in network management exceeds 10 years.

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