Network Navigator

SGS is pleased to introduce the Network Navigator, a revolutionary, low-cost, high security, reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) that is “plug-n-play.” The SGS patented technology delivers a secured Internet connection from any place in the world to any user in the world.

Click here for a detailed list of service checks, performed every 15 minutes.


Hardware evolution has miniaturized a PC to the size of a battery charger. A powerful 1.2GHz CPU runs a high performance Linux kernel with 1GB memory and network access through a gigabit Ethernet port. Powered from a 2-prong standard 115V wall socket, the compact physical device brings a powerful computer in a great low cost package.

All client VPN activity is firewalled and transactions are recorded in logs. Network Navigator™ access is provided via:

  • Encrypted Tunnel over port 443/tcp
  • Self-signed certificate with full revoke and reissue capabilities
  • RSA Key 1024 bit
  • MD5 hashing
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