Intrusion Detection Service

The SGS IDS System continually compares network traffic to thousands of known attack signatures.  Continuous 24/7 data and history is gathered and analyzed to determine if an alarm condition exists, providing the tools and knowledge needed to prevent security breaches.  Your network can also be monitored for traffic that is not allowed by policy, for example social media or video sites.

SGS NOC Engineers verify all events and provide notifications based on a predefined Action Plan. Engineers will contact the appropriate people on your team with suggestions for remediation or mitigation.  Many methods of notifications are offered to best meet your needs: Email, SMS, Phone Calls... Also, escalations can be uniquely defined to meet the timely needs of your organization and workforce.

SGS Managed IDS Features

  • Detects and alerts on network intrusions
  • Attack Signature monitoring
  • Includes Zero-day attack signature update subscription
  • Provides early notification of disruption
  • Incident Response base on Customer Action Plan
  • Customized to your monitor your policies
  • Provides reporting and history
  • Provides documentation for audits
  • Supports your organization with 24/7/365 Staffed Operations Center capabilities
  • All maintenance and updates included from SGS NOC
  • Customer Portal provides dashboards, monitoring, and reporting

Concerned About Compliance?

The SGS IDS can be configured to alarm when activity occurs that affects your compliance strategy, such as when unencrypted data is leaving your network, or when social security numbers and credit card numbers are embedded in a data transfer.   Setting up individualized policies to meet the needs of your specific business provides you a premium in the service that SGS provides.

On demand and scheduled reports can be leveraged for compliance and auditing.

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