External Vulnerability Assessment

Ensuring security requires an evolving, fluid process that can keep up with every change, migration, and new application that affect your security positions. Periodic scans provide a measure of progress as vulnerabilities are corrected and new ones arise.

SGS leverages a combination of network and security scans, along with a freelance review by a certified CISSP in our assessment approach. Any vulnerability that is discovered is further analyzed and scored and these vulnerabilities are used to further exploit other services to insure that SGS provides a comprehensive view of recommendations. 

The External Vulnerability Assessment Includes:

PCI-DSS Audit Preparation

PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard) sets compliance requirements for those organizations processing credit card payments.   PCI-DSS section 11.2.2 pre-audit preparation tests will be conducted to demonstrate your compliance with PCI standards.

Executive Summary

Identifies the unique threats that were discovered and the identification of high, medium, and low risk to the security of your systems.

Managed Services Review

At your option, targets which are managed for you by cloud hosting services or application service providers can be included in the scan. It may be necessary for you to notify each provider and obtain authorization. Work with SGS prior to the scan date for assistance facilitating this process.

Assessment Report

Describes hosts discovered in the target networks and address ranges. Where potential vulnerabilities are found, the report will provide references and recommendations your Information Technology staff can use to investigate and mitigate threat potential.
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