Cybersecurity Services

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Solutions for Small and Midsize Businesses

Powered by Network Navigator
Cybersecurity Services powered by Network Navigator offers a US patented solution to monitor and protect your network.  The easy to use, the plug and play device provides predefined templates, and up to 3MiBs of capacity for Intrusion Detection Services, Device Monitoring, and External Vulnerability Assessment.

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Larger Scale Solutions

Powered by backStage Manager
For larger scale applications, the backStage manager expands on the services provided by Network Navigator and includes much more.  Sophisticated technology enables you to tailor your configuration to your monitoring needs.  In addition to the Intrustion Detection, Device Monitoring, and External Vulnerability Assessemnts, Managed Firewall Services complete the protection of your network.

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External Vulnerability
Snapshot Review and Testing of External (Public) IP address space for known threats, exploits, and risks.
Device Monitoring
Use a simple ping or more sohisticated monitoring tools; SGS has the solution that fits your needs.
Intrusion Detection
Fully managed IDS system that looks into the content of traffic to detect threats, misuse, and compliance breaches.
Managed Firewall
The SGS Firewall Service protects against intrusions, malware, DoS attacks, and advanced persistent threats.
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