UL 827

Security Compliance is No Longer Optional

Recognizing business risks includes a small, but important set of requirements in UL 827 (Standard for Safety - Central Station Alarm Services).  SGS offers the following strategy to help you:

1. Hire a professional advisor.  Today you need an expert to help with cyber issues contained in the new regulations.  SGS has been in the forefront working on the new standards and can help.

2. Assess your risks.  This is difficult, but a short engagement by professionals can help define business risks from data misuse, denial of service and malware.

3. Begin.  We can assist you with creating solutions.  SGS offers unique, patented and technically advanced products.  UL 827 standards include:

      a.  Implement and maintain firewalls
      b.  Implement Network Intrusion Detection Services (NIDS)
      c.  Implement a database security policy
      d.  Institute monitoring of system performance
      e.  Assure redundancy of all communication channels including:
            i.   Signaling
           ii.   Voice
          iii.   SMS
          iv.   PSAP   
      f.  Secure all remote connections with NIST compliant high security
           i.  Users - must use secure web and follow good sign-on security practices
          ii.  Machine-to-machine - requires connectivity meeting high security standards.

SGS Network Services has worked on security with dozens of central stations.  The Network Operations Center (NOC) operates 24x7 with trained IT professionals and know the central station business.  Services can be scaled to meet company demands.

Check out the following SGS services for assistance with compliance issues:


Signal Routing

NOC Services

24/7 Support

Secure Connections

M2M security for remote site services
Device Monitoring

Cybersecurity Services

Vulnerability Assessment
Device Monitoring
Network Intrusion Detection (NIDS)

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