stages Cloud Solutions

Designed in the Cloud

stages in the cloud is produced by SGS and offered by a partner to create a complete solution to managing services for a dealer or a branch. Every stages implementation is capable of supporting cloud solutions with a wide range of technology integration. The stages platform supports data segmentation and access to all communication services. nextStage is an optional extension to enable local processes.

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Support communications to customers with IVR, SMS, email and mobile.

Manage staffing with offsite capacity and reduce IT staff costs.

Integrate best practices.

Establish and enforce policies/procedures.

Streamline dispatch and data entry.

Integrate third-party applications for accounting, video, guarding and more.


The SGS nextStage system permits a local monitoring group to operate autonomously and gain the advantages available from a full service wholesale central station using stages automation platform. This solution maximizes versatility and allows for optimum utilization of stages integrated features. An extension of stages, nextStage provides local-only processing capacity with results delivered in the cloud. A subset of the central station database can be replicated and stored redundantly on the nextStage appliance at any local site. The nextStage solution for local central stations allows you to adopt the structure of a master stages central station. The host company provides the architecture for signal handling and for database account creation.


For special circumstances where a local, autonomous solution is required, centerStage delivers all of stages signal processing capabilities along with a database.  It is an all-in-one stages solution in a box.
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