IP Routing Done Right

Service Standards

  • Open Ports per IP Address
  • Scalable Infrastructure
  • BGP routing provides best routing and realtime failover
  • Fully Redundant Data Centers (East and West)
  • Two Tier-1 Carriers at Each Data Center
  • Optional IP address range blocking (foreign addresses)
  • Firewall and IDS Protection
  • IP Addressing Based on Customers' Requirements
  • 24/7 Customer Service and Support
  • Single Port per IP Address
  • No Portability
  • No Real-Time Failover
  • No Monitoring
  • Limited ISP based support

IP Routing Done Right

Become Risk Averse. Internet Service Providers (ISP) provide IP addressing without any routing control. If the ISP is off-line or if the carrier is changed, adding a second ISP is a complication rather than a solution.  ipDirector™ is the answer to quality IP signal handling, redundant service availability, and your path to eliminating risk.

  • Quality, dependability, and real-time functionality.

  • Expect the highest level of service. Signals matter.

SGS excels in providing elegant and comprehensive architecture to solve the problems of networks and technology. Products are complimented by quality support delivered 24x7 by the SGS Network Operations Center (NOC). Our NOC is housed in a secure facility where the site exceeds every standard used by central stations to assure continuous operation. The NOC is staffed with IT professionals who will respond to your email or actually talk with you by phone. We stand ready to answer your queries day and night.

  • Since beginning the service in 2009, the SGS NOC has a perfect track record with the ipDirector™. 

  • Can your ISP claim as high a quality of service?

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