SGS salutes ITSCOM and Tokyu Security

SGS sends out its heartfelt congratulations to our friends and partners at ITSCOM for the successful launch of their intelligent HOME platform this week in Tokyo, Japan. This platform was the end result of the collaboration of 5 distinct businesses in the security and automation space: ITSCOM, Tokyu Security, iControl Networks/Comcast, Tokyu Community, and Secure Global Solutions.   With the introduction of intelligent HOME, ITSCOM has a solid foundation to offer integrated security and monitoring services to the expanding home automation market.

Here are some further comments from Hank Goldberg, Vice President of Sales, of Secure Global Solutions.

When Tokyu Security and sister company iTSCOM, Japan’s second largest cable company, decided to venture into the new world of intelligent systems for the home, they searched the world for a valuable partner to help with deployment.  The complex challenges included multiple integrations, many new services and IoT offerings.  Secure Global Solutions was selected because of both the flexibility of the stages™ platform and the company’s ability to modify and integrate.  Over an extended period, the application was translated into Japanese, and all functions were tested to assure the highest level of accuracy.

Outstanding teams were assembled on both sides of the Pacific with weekly meetings strained by time zones and the International Date Line.  With only three work days in common, every form of communications were used to keep activity flowing.  The Tokyu/iTSCOM team assembled every week from their various locations to assure the SGS team could work as effectively as possible.  The work was challenging, but the teams achieved wonderful results.  When live operations started this week, there was a great round of applause from around the world!  Support will continue from SGS’s 24x7 Network Operations Center, providing an important value added with timely response to Tokyu/iTSCOM needs.

The technology deployed is state-of-the-art, using many vendors from the US, Canada, Europe and Japan.  SGS is excited to be a part of the new business.  Similar to the US marketplace, residential and commercial security are a backbone for service including lighting and lifestyle that are transforming the business.

SGS congratulates ITSCOM and Tokyu Security for this milestone achievement, and looks forward to many years of leadership in the Japanese market.



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