NOC Insights from the Inside

 A good Network Operations Center (NOC) should be invisible most of the time, with good internal communication and proactive awareness from shift to shift.  The exception (from the customer perspective) is when something has gone wrong or the course of business as usual must change.  In these cases a NOC becomes a flow-through organization whose purpose and function must be both fluid in response and substantial in impact, with staffers who can handle varied circumstances quickly and effectively, and record accurately any actions taken and contacts made.

Daily and normal customer interactions include, but are not limited to:

  • First-line customer contact, both responsive to incoming contact and proactive to necessary outgoing escalations
  • Setting host and service downtimes (for maintenance or outage circumstances)
  • Adding and removing hosts and services to active monitoring
  • Escalation of larger issues to specialists and senior staff in a timely manner


At Secure Global Solutions, NOC staff have been trained - and are daily encouraged - to be concise in communication, and precise in documentation of all customer contact in our proprietary Stages ticketing system, where both we and the customer can track the issue as it is addressed, even when the ticket changes ownership as it is escalated to senior staff.  This accumulated information remains available to customers and SGS staff for future reference, and is useful internally for training and review.

SGS has been providing NOC services to its customers for over 14 years.

You can find more information about our NOC services at:

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Mike Nelson

July 2017