When SGS began, the idea of using a browser for a complex system was just beginning.  We pioneered the cloud for central station and we continue to lead central stations forward.  Much has changed in the last 10 years and it is only the start.  We have watched with great excitement as the alarm industry has begun a transformation.  “Smart” everything is driving the change.  What is it?  IoT (Internet of Things) and the related “big data” are transforming the way security is consumed and central stations operate.  And – BTW – SGS is doing some pretty cool stuff in IoT services support.


I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Vivint Innovation Center along with Thom Meyer and representatives from iTSCOM, SGS’ Japanese customer. This was particularly interesting because iTSCOM is one of Japan’s leading smarthome companies (working with Icontrol technology and an array of worldwide vendors) and Vivint is the leading US vendor (using Vivint created solutions).


What a kick!  Since we are under NDA, we can’t talk too much…but we can tease you with rocket science – Vivint is working on Space Monkey – ok it is only a very cool storage strategy, but it is as close to rocket science as there is in security!


If you get a chance to visit the Vivint demo center you can actually see how transformative the new technologies will be.  (Soon you will see displays in Best Buy under a new marketing agreement).  The intersection of smart security and convenience with Amazon echo, video/phone, lighting, door controls, temperature and lighting was operational for all to behold!  Even more interesting is the transition to using “big data” to deliver highly improved utility.  Today, Vivint applications will use your history to control devices, turn down temperature, change lighting and turn on security based on life style – all you have to do is say “goodnight Vivint.”


Our thanks go out to our gracious hosts at both the Innovation Center and the Vivint central station – an exciting and a beautiful trip to the future! 



At SGS, we are proud to be working with the best companies in the trade.


Hank Goldberg